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  • Brass and Magnolia

    Products used in Arleta's DVD "Brass and Magnolia"
    Combining the elegance of polished brass with the shimmer of satin makes for a rich artistic experience. Adding to this the challenge of the delicate, infinite whites of the magnolia blossom makes for a well-rounded still life painting experience. This is one of Arleta's most popular workshop topics, bringing you along the path, step-by-step, following the pattern supplied with the DVD. Also included is an 8 x 10 reference photo, drawing you may enlarge to 12 x 24 and a supply list.
  • In The Candle's Soft Glow

    Products used in Arleta's DVD "In The Candle's Soft Glow"
    This technique makes the painting appear as if lit from behind. Then add those fun opaque touches that make the image pop! Included in this demonstration are.... -the underlying drawing, which may be enlarged to your preference -a list of necessary supplies and links to web sites for ordering supplies -the 8 x 10 reference photo -a photo of the finished painting     YOU will learn my techniques.............     -how to layer transparent oil paint in a classic style     -how to use opaque details to direct the eye to specific details     -how to achieve luminosity from candle light The Subjects within the painting include.......     -a lit candle     -reflected light off the edge of a book with gilt edges     -a glass of brandy     -a piece of bread on a plate     -the edge of the table, reflecting the candle light     -a single rose blossom This DVD will play worldwide on all DVD players, and on Mac computers, and most PCs. This DVD was filmed IN 2009 in Arleta's studio, UP CLOSE and Personal to the painting!!!   Not by a professional film company.
  • Simply Silver

    Products used in Arleta's DVD "Simply Silver"
    Besides learning how to approach a silver subject, Arleta demonstrates a fun background. This lesson also shows a cluster of roses, leaves and soft folds of linen with a cut work detail. Filmed in Arleta's new studio AT THE EASEL Arleta shows you how to paint this lesson step by step. Included in this DVD are a drawing that may be enlarged to 14 x 18, supply list, and a high quality 4 x 6 reference photo. NEW in 2011 is the filming using two cameras, so you see the reference photo on screen /palette as Arleta paints so you have a more complete learning experience.
  • Transparent Oils: The Basics

    Products used in Arleta's DVD "Transparent Oils the Basics"
    From preparing boards, to the brushes used, and glazing mediums. Paint along with Arleta step by step on this beautiful Tuscan Rose bathed in beautiful light, as she demonstrates each step so you can complete this beautiful painting. Comes with drawing, reference photo, and photo of finished painting and includes a list of needed paint colors, brushes and additional information from the DVD. Approximately 2 hrs.