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Sparmax TC-501N Airbrush Compressor Sparmax TC-501N Airbrush Compressor

This new Sparmax TC-501N Airbrush Compressor replaces the venerable
Sparmax AC-101 Wndstorm Airbrush Compressor.  features a 1/8 HP motor
and a true automatic shutoff. Produces 40 psi on / 60 psi off. 12-16
liters per minute airflow. Includes airhoses, moisture trap, true air
regulator (not a bleed valve) with gauge. Weighs only 7 pounds.

List Price: $349.99
Our Price: $190.40
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Sparmax TC-2000 Stormforce Airbrush Compressor Sparmax TC-2000 Stormforce Airbrush Compressor

The TC2000 is quiet, durable and reliable. This high-quality 1/6 HP oil-free twin cylinder compressor has built-in cooling ducts, safety valves and an auto shut-off feature that prevent overheating. It has a maximum pressure of 80 psi with a 28 LPM airflow. A moisture filter/air pressure gauge and regulator is included, as well as a 10 ft. Cobra coiled airline, a 10 ft. braided airline, an airbrush stand, and 4 outlet thread adaptors.

List Price: $415.00
Our Price: $219.45
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Sparmax TC-620x Airbrush Compressor Sparmax TC-620x Airbrush Compressor

The Sparmax TC-620x Airbrush Compressor features a 2.5 litre air tank,
1/6HP Motor, and 23-32 litre per minute (.81 - 1.14 cfm) airflow at open
flow. It has fully automatic shutoff. It delivers air on demand. It
weighs only 26.4lbs. Size: 16.5"x7"x15.5". The Sparmax TC-620 Airbrush
Compressor includes a single pressure gauge/regulator/moisture trap with
outlets for 2 airbrushes. It comes with 2 airbrush holders and one
airbrush hose.

List Price: $564.00
Our Price: $299.99
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