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  • Mack 179L Series Brown Squirrel Quills

    MACK 179L Series Brown Squirrel Lettering Quills
    This lettering quill is an essential tool in every sign painter's kit. The brown quill is best suited for smooth surfaces such as glass or automotive surfaces. Brown Quills are slightly softer than the grey quills.
  • Mack 189L Series Grey Squirrel Quills

    MACK 189L Series Grey Squirrel Lettering Quills
    The Grey Squirrel Quill is an essential brush for the sign painter. The series 189L is a universal lettering brush. The grey hair has more snap than the brown. It is used for general commercial work such as signs, truck lettering, boats, etc. The grey hair is more durable than the brown.
  • Mack 1962 Series Jet Stroke Lettering Brush

    MACK 1962 Series Jet Stroke Flat
    The MACK 1962 Series Jet Stroke "Truck Letterer" is an excellent overall lettering brush. It is normally used for larger lettering and production lettering. It can also be used as a fill-in brush and an outliner for large letters.
  • Mack 4031 & 4039 Series Soft Hair Fitch Lettering Brushes

    Mack 4031 and 4039 Series Soft Hair Fitch Lettering Brushes. This soft hair fitch is constructed with premium materials to provide excellent handling qualities. Used in lettering paints for layout, outlining, pictorial & tight work. These brushes are constructed using Russian Fitch (also known as black sable) and are hand cupped to a sharp chiseled edge.
  • Mack 79 Series Hannukaine Quills

    Mack 79 Series Hannukaine QuillsMack 79 Series Hannukaine Quills are a mixture Of Squirrel & Taklon. Available in a set of six, these blended quills are an economical and durable lettering quill.
  • Mack 839 Series Outliners

    Mack 839 Series OutlinersUsed for Outlining Letters, for Scroll Work, and Applicable Sign Work. The series 839 is made with a blend of pure brown Kazan Squirrel & Ox hair.
  • Mack Bobbo-Mack Super Quad Striping Brushes

    Mack Bobbo-Mack Super Quad Striping Brushes
    The Mack Bobbo-Mack Super Quad brush is made of a blend of fine blue squirrel & black synthetic hair. It is designed to make scrolling easier and faster. It also pinstripes short lines, 2-4 feet in length without having to change brushes.
  • Mack Long Bob Striping and Scrolling Brushes

    Mack Long Bob Striping and Scrolling Brushes
    This brush is a modification of the Bobbo Super Quad. Mack Brush has used the same mixture of hair as in the Bobbo Super Quad (black synthetic and blue squirrel blend), but they extended hair lengths of 1 3/4" to 2" allowing longer, consistent lines.
  • Mack Series 10 Original Sword Striper

    MACK Series 10 Sword Stripers
    The MACK Series 10 Sword Striper is the original Mack sword striping brush. The Series 10 is still hand crafted with 100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair.
  • Mack Xcaliber Pinstriping Brushes

    Mack Xcaliber Pinstriping Brushes
    What makes the Mack XCaliber pinstriping brush special is it's short hair length. Only 1 1/2". This shorter length allows greater control for intricate designs as well as long lines.
  • da Vinci 700 Series Dagger Striper

    daVinci Series 700 Pure Kazan Squirrel Dagger Stripers
    This is a very traditional brush for freehand lining and pinstriping. The daVinci Series 700 Dagger Striper brushes are handmade in Germany of pure Kazan squirrel and feature a traditional extra short handle.
  • da Vinci 709 Series Dagger Striper

    daVinci Series 790 Pure Kazan Squirrel dagger striper
    The daVinci Series 790 dagger striper features a watercolor brush handle. If is handmade in Germany of the finest Kazan squirrel hair.