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  • Gamblin Relief Inks

    Gamblin Relief Inks give printmakers and monotype artists intense colors with an incomparably high pigment load, superior working properties and the archival quality they can count on. These inks print with unparalleled intensity, brilliant undertones and sensitivity to printmakers' most finely detailed marks.
  • Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Inks

    These non-toxic, non-flammable inks are especially formulated for fabric screen painting, also called silkscreening. Because they are water-based, they offer the advantage of soap and water cleanup without sacrificing any color intensity or durability. Yet, when properly heat-set, the inks become fast and will not wash out. Mix the inks to create an even wider range of colors.
  • Speedball Block Printing Inks– Water-Based

    Speedball Water-Based Block Printing Inks clean with water, mix and tint well, and they have a satiny texture and provide uniform coverage on all printing surfaces.