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Each Paperblanks® Journal is truly a work of art. The laid paper used in Paperblanks® is specially manufactured to exacting standards. Paper is acid-free, and is made with sustainable forest pulp. The binder boards used in these Journals are European-made with 100% recycled materials.
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  • eXchange iPad Tablet Jackets

    Express yourself with the eXchange Tablet Jacket® System: the ultimate tablet accessory. Featuring cover designs from our elegant Paperblanks® design library.
  • Poetry in Bloom

    Celebrating the Sensitive Plant
  • Safavid

    Centralized designs of medallions, quadrants, plant and animal motifs.
  • Via Romana

    The Via Romana Collection celebrates the nobility of the Roman Way, the source of the Republic’s ideals and fortitude, and the strength that enabled ancient Romans to conquer the world.
  • Brocaded Paper

    Beautiful Gold Decorated Paper called brocaded paper has been around since the 16th century. Paperblanks Brocaded Paper Journals beautifully echo these traditional floral designs.
  • Embellished Manuscripts

    To inspire the writer, these unique journals portray the work of some of  the greatest writers, thinkers and artists of all time, featuring excerpts of original manuscripts.
  • Equinoxe

    The cover, featuring a tendril motif, reproduces a 1688 binding from the Düsseldorf Museum Kunstpalast. It portrays a style popular from the late 1500s until the early 1700s.
  • Grolier Ornamentali

    Jean Grolier (1479-1565) was among history’s most discerning collectors of beautiful books, and the first to develop a unique ornamental style of designs that became one of the most emulated worldwide.
  • Laurel Burch

    San Francisco artist Laurel Burch created these much loved whimsical artworks including Mystical Horses, Fantastic Felines and more.
  • Mucha

    After years of toiling in obscurity, in 1895 the impoverished young Czech became an overnight sensation in Paris. “Le style Mucha” was an important influence of the Art Nouveau movement.
  • Nocturnelle

    The Nocturnelle Collection is a reproduction of an antique French binding based on a cover designed in 1829 by publishers A. & W. Galignani for “The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore.”
  • Old Leather

    Capturing the flavour of Renaissance-style binding at its zenith, these handsomely embellished journals are a delight for the hand and the eye.
  • Paperblanks Flexi

    Your favorite Paperblanks designs with a soft, flexible cover.
  • Parisian Mosaic

    The Parisian Mosaic Collection was inspired by an eighteenth-century leather mosaic binding executed in Paris by master binder Nicolas-Denis Derome.
  • Silver Filigree

    These reproductions faithfully reproduce the appearance of the  beautiful art of Filigree. Includes: Book Edge Printing, Memento Pouch and Ribbon Marker.
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