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Create unique, organic textures with Kroma Crackle

KROMA CRACKLE IS AMAZING! Kroma Crackle is a versatile, professional quality material suitable for all kinds of fine art applications and craft projects. It is a semi-opaque gel that develops fine cracking patterns as it dries. It can be applied to both rigid and flexible surfaces and once dry and sealed is both durable and highly flexible. KROMA crackle can be colored by adding small amounts of acrylic paint before application or by painting over the crackle once it has dried. Experimenting with application methods can influence the texture of the crackle to achieve different looks with limitless creative possibilities.

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Kroma Crackle Medium 150 ml Tube Kroma Crackle Medium - 150 ml (5 fl oz) Tube
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Kroma Crackle Medium - 500 ml Kroma Crackle Medium - 500 ml (16.5 fl oz)
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How to Use KROMA Crackle

Q: How thick should I apply KROMA crackle?

A: KROMA crackle should be applied between 2mm and 5mm thick. While very thick application will create wider cracks, KROMA crackle is best used for subtler effects with cracks that will range between one millimeter to three millimeters.

Q: How do I apply KROMA crackle to a surface?

A: If the layer of crackle gel is too thin very little cracking will occur or the cracks will be hardly visible. To ensure a thick enough layer is applied we recommend using a palette knife or similar tool to spread the crackle gel. Using a brush tends to make it more difficult to achieve a layer of adequate thickness for effective cracking to occur.

Q: How do I clean up KROMA Crackle?

A: KROMA crackle is water based and cleans up easily using soap and water.

Q: How long does it take to dry? Can I speed up the drying time?

A: KROMA crackle can take between one and three days to dry. This will depend on the surface it is drying on, the thickness of its application, and the environment in which it is drying. More absorbent surfaces seem to take longer to dry, while well-sealed surfaces have shorter drying times. Thicker application will take considerably more time to dry than thinner application. Speeding up the drying time is not recommended as it may interfere with the cracking process.

Q: Can I add colour to KROMA crackle?

A: Yes! Adding colour to KROMA crackle creates very interesting possibilities. By adding small amounts of acrylic paint - up to 10% or just enough to colour the gel, Working with light/dark or contrasting colour combinations can emphasize the appearance of the cracks. Metallic colours can be particularly effective. You can create unusual“marble” type effects by swirling together portions of differently coloured crackle gel. Alternatively colour effects can be achieved by using the crackle gel straight from the tube, allowing it to dry fully and then applying colour using any combination of washes, stains, or dry brush techniques.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: KROMA crackle is fun and easy to use! We recommend experimenting to get used to its unique properties. Effects can be achieved that emulate unusual textures such as lizardskin or simulate the effects of aged paint or glaze. KROMA crackle can be used to add textural interest to abstract paintings, mixed media collages, image transfers, or elaborate scrapbook pages. The possibilities are endless.

Q: Can I use any brand of paint with KROMA crackle?

A: Any brand of acrylic paint can be used with KROMA crackle, though we recommend using a high quality grade of acrylic paint. In fact once it is completely dry and sealed, other kinds of paint can be used to colour the cracked surface including watercolours, inks or oil paints.

Q: Is it archival quality?

A: Once fully dry and sealed with acrylic fluid medium, the result will be both archival quality and flexible.

Q: If I apply KROMA crackle over my painting, will it “crack” the paint?

A: No. To gain this effect you must apply KROMA crackle to the canvas before you set out to paint. Allowing this layer of crackle to dry completely before sealing, and beginning to paint. A dry brush painting technique will allow the paint to sit on the surface of the upper, cracked layer. Washes can be used to colour the underlayer, flooding in between the cracks, and can be rubbed off the cracked upper surface before the colour dries.

Q: What is the difference between the effects of KROMA crackle and other brands of crackle medium?

A: Unlike other crackle products KROMA crackle is not a heavy paste but a semi opaque gel. Because it can be used on flexible surfaces and remains flexible once dry and sealed it is very versatile and suitable for all kinds of projects. Other crackle pastes are designed for use only on rigid surfaces and form a pattern of cracks that are less subtle and more widely spaced, with an absorbent, dull surface.

Q: Where is KROMA crackle made?

A: KROMA crackle is made in Vancouver, B.C. Canada by Kroma Industries.