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QoR Watercolor by Golden (pronounced ‘core’) have have greater pigment strength than traditional watercolors and feature vibrant, intense colors that stay brilliant even after they dry. They offer Incredibly smooth transitions and flow extremely well, maintaining their liveliness on paper. Golden QoR Watercolors have excellent re-solubility in water, excellent glazing qualities and vivid depth of color. They will not become brittle with age like traditional watercolors. Golden QoR Watercolors have more density of color than traditional watercolors. They are made using exclusive Aquazol® binder.
What is Aquazol®? • An advanced water-soluble binder used within the conservation community for painting restoration. • Supports greater pigment loading compared to traditional watercolor binders. • Binder is more flexible and less brittle than traditional watercolor binders. • Archival • GOLDEN has filed a patent to protect the exclusive use of this binder in fine art materials. Advantages Color Dominance • Stronger, more intense colors offers more range / options / layers Yield advantage • On average 2-5x more powerful than the same color in a competitive brand, but still can be let down to the same transparency of those other brands • Strength = yield Increase capabilities • The power allows artists to have BOLD strokes in their work • Because of the color saturation, the yield supports painting big • Made with a patent pending binder used by conservators for archival value • Can be used thicker than competitive brands without flaking or cracking

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