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  • Chalk Ink Liquid Chalk Markers

    Chalk Ink Markers are an innovative chalk alternative that works like a paint pen, with the same look and feel of chalk but without the powdery mess. Once dry, Chalk Ink Markers do not smear or come off until removed with water.
  • Holbein Maxon Chalk Markers

    Maxon Chalk Markers by Holbein. These chalk markers are not liquid chalk markers, but are more like a water soluable crayon. They have a creamy feel almost like lipstick and are easier to work with than liquid chalk markers. They look very nice in a black chalk board. On glass they are easy to apply and remove, but are not quite as opaque as liquid chalk markers.
  • Marvy Bistro Liquid Chalk Markers

    Marvy Bistro Liquid Chalk Markers have a 6mm bullet tip and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Use Bistro Chalk Markers on chalkboards, light boards, white boards, windows and windshields. A wonderful way to create chalkboard art to attract attention and increase sales.They are opaque, water based, pigmented, and erasable with a damp cloth.
  • ZIG Posterman Wet-Erase Markers

    ZIG Posterman Wet-Erase Markers
    These wet-wipe chalk markers are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including glass, whiteboards and blackboards. ZIG Posterman Wet-Erase Markers are liquid chalk markers that produce the look of chalk look without a chalk mess. Easily removed from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Zig Illumigraph fluorescent wet-wipe marker

    Zig Illumigraph fluorescent wet-wipe markers features a 6mm chisel tip and are wet-erasable on most surfaces. These highly fluorescent wet-wipe markers are ideal to work on surfaces such as glass, whiteboards and blackboards. Especially effective under ultra violet light! Easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth.