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I-545-1   I-545-1 Main Lever
I-565-1   I-565-1 Needle Packing Screw
I-570-1   I-570-1 Needle Spring
I-580-1   I-580-1 Packing - Valve Piston O-ring
I-580-2   I-580-2 Packing - Fluid Head (O-ring)
I-580-3   I-580-3 Packing Fluid Needle (O-ring)
I-590-2   I-590-2 Packing Needle Set (PTFE)
I-601-1   I-601-1 Needle Cap for BCS/CS/SBS/BS
I-602-1   I-602-1 Nozzle Cap .5mm
I-602-2   I-602-2 Nozzle Cap .35mm
I-603-1   I-603-1 Nozzle Cap (Head cap)
I-604-1   I-604-1 Fluid Nozzle 0.5
I-604-2   I-604-2 Fluid Nozzle 0.35
I-604-4   I-604-4 Fluid Nozzle 0.6 mm
I-605-1   I-605-1 Packing Head O-ring
I-608-1   I-608-1 Air Valve Guide Body
I-609-1   I-609-1 Valve with o-ring
I-617-1   I-617-1 Fluid Needle 0.5 mm
I-617-2   I-617-2 Fluid Needle 0.35 mm
I-617-4   I-617-4 Fluid Needle 0.6 mm
I-618-1   I-618-1 Fluid Cup Lid
I-630-1   I-630-1 Head Spanner Wrench for Eclipse Airbrushes
I-701-1   I-701-1 Needle Cap
I-701-2   I-701-2 Needle Cap
I-701-3   I-701-3 Needle Cap
I-702-1   I-702-1 Nozzle Cap 0.5 mm
I-702-2   I-702-2 Nozzle Cap 0.3 mm
I-704-1   I-704-1 Fluid Nozzle 0.5 mm
I-704-2   I-704-2 Fluid Nozzle 0.3 mm
I-711-1   I-711-1 Valve guide screw
I-712-1   I-712-1 Air Valve Set
I-715-1   I-715-1 Needle Chucking guide w/auxiliary lever
I-717-1   I-717-1 Needle 0.5 mm
I-717-3   I-717-3 Fluid Needle 0.3 mm
I-717-5   I-717-5 Fluid Needle 0.5 mm
I-718-1   I-718-1 Fluid Cup Lid
I-718-2   I-718-2 Fluid Cup Lid
I-725-1   I-725-1 PTFE Needle Packing
I-725-2   I-725-2 Needle Packing Screw
I-725-3   I-725-3 PTFE Needle Packing Set
I-765-1   I-765-1 Spanner Wrench
I-770-1   I-770-1 Spring guide
I-770-3   I-770-3 Spring
JID1400   iDye Color Remover
JAJID1300   iDye Fixative 3 fl. oz.
JID1401   iDye Sun Blocker
JID1454   iDye Poly Black (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1451   iDye Poly Blue (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1453   iDye Poly Brown (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1452   iDye Poly Green (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1448   iDye Poly Orange (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1449   iDye Poly Red (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1450   iDye Poly Violet (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1447   iDye Poly Yellow (for Polyester and Nylon)
JID1425   iDye Aztec Gold (for natural fibers)
JID1431   iDye Black (for natural fibers)
JID1404   iDye Bright Yellow (for natural fibers)
JID1417   iDye Brilliant Blue (for natural fibers)
JID1427   iDye Brown (for natural fibers)
JID1422   iDye Chartreuse (for natural fibers)
JID1424   iDye Chestnut (for natural fibers)
JID1413   iDye Crimson (for natural fibers)
JID1408   iDye Deep Orange (for natural fibers)
JID1402   iDye Ecru
JID1423   iDye Emerald (for natural fibers)
JID1412   iDye Fire Red (for natural fibers)
JID1405   iDye Fluorescent Yellow (for natural fibers)
JID1428   iDye Gold Ochre (for natural fibers)
JID1406   iDye Golden Yellow (for natural fibers)
JID1429   iDye Gun Metal (for natural fibers)
JID1421   iDye Kelly Green (for natural fibers)
JID1414   iDye Lilac (for natural fibers)
JID1420   iDye Navy (for natural fibers)
JID1426   iDye Olive (for natural fibers)
JID1409   iDye Pink (for natural fibers)
JID1407   iDye Pumpkin (for natural fibers)
JID1416   iDye Purple (for natural fibers)
JID1419   iDye Royal Blue (for natural fibers)
JID1410   iDye Scarlet (for natural fibers)
JID1430   iDye Silver Grey (for natural fibers)
JID1403   iDye Sun Yellow (for natural fibers)
JID1411   iDye True Red (for natural fibers)
JID1418   iDye Turquoise Blue (for natural fibers)
JID1415   iDye Violet (for natural fibers)
987-0-399-57412-2   Imagimorphia
HU0010206   Imitation Silver Leaf Pkg (25 sheets) 5 1/2" X 5 1/2"
I6200002   Inkadinkado Stamp Cleaner Solvent for oil based inks 2.1 oz
IBT23616   Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool
IBT23623   Inkssentials Ink Blending Tools Foam Refills - 10 pack
MIS22701   Inkssentials Mini Misters 3 Pack
INK35770   Inkssentials Pipette 25 Pack
AV250   InstaMold 12 oz
CQ4834   Interactive Impasto Gel 16 oz
CQ4981   Interactive Liquid Gesso Primer 16 oz
CQ4980   Interactive Liquid Gesso Primer 250 ml
CQ4982   Interactive Liquid Gesso Primer 32 oz
VT 010 DVD   Introduction to Airbrushing "Flames" DVD
H-3001   Iwata HP-SB Plus - High Performance Plus Airbrush
012-010   Iwata 012-010 1/4 " Quick Disconnect Set
I-624-1   Iwata 1/4 Female to 1/8 Male Adapter
012-009   Iwata 1/4" Quick-Disconnect Male Adaptor
CT-I-10   Iwata 10 foot Cobra Coil Airhose (for airbrushes)
CT-I-10-RG   Iwata 10 foot Cobra Coil Airhose (for sprayguns)
BT-010   Iwata 10 foot Iwata Nylon-Covered Braided Airhose (for airbrushes)
BT-050   Iwata 10 foot Nylon-Covered Braided Airhose (for spray guns)
DT-I-10   Iwata 10 foot Straight Shot Air Hose (for airbrushes)
6-360-16   Iwata 360 Nozzle Medea Airbrush Cleaner Sprayer
AH-250   Iwata AH 250 Double Airbrush Holder
AH-400   Iwata AH 400 Universal Airbrush Holder
I-020-014   Iwata AirBlast 14oz Canned Air
020-100   Iwata AirBlast Air Can Regulator Valve
I-W-180   Iwata Airbrush BCS Promo Set
I-W-126   Iwata Airbrush Beginner Set (with NEO BCN Siphon Feed)
I-W-125   Iwata Airbrush Beginner Set (with NEO CN Gravity Feed)
CL-100   Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit
CL-150   Iwata Airbrush Cleaning Kit Refill Pack
I-W-200   Iwata Airbrush Deluxe Intro Set
I-W-100   Iwata Airbrush Intro Set
A-490-38   Iwata Big Mouth 38mm Adapter Cap
A-4802   Iwata Bigmouth Airbrush Bottle - 3 oz (80cc)
A-4701   Iwata Bigmouth Airbrush Cylinder Bottle - 1 oz (30cc)
A-4702   Iwata Bigmouth Airbrush Cylinder Bottle - 2 oz (60cc)
A-4803   Iwata Bigmouth Airbrush Cylinder Bottle - 2.5 oz (75cc)
A-4804   Iwata Bigmouth Airbrush Cylinder Bottle - 4 oz (110cc)
CL-300   Iwata CL 300 Universal Spray Out Pot
CL-500   Iwata CL 500 Professional Airbrush Maintenance Tool Kit
ICM-4002   Iwata Custom Micron C Airbrush (version 2)
ICM-2002   Iwata Custom Micron CM-B (Version 2)
ICM-4502   Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Airbrush (Version 2)
ICM-3002   Iwata Custom Micron CM-SB Side Feed Airbrush (new model 2)
012-004   Iwata Double Valve Manifold
I-ECL-2000   Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS Airbrush (Includes bottle)
I-ECL-2001   Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS Set With Bottle & Airhose
I-ECL-2500   Iwata Eclipse HP-BS Gravity Feed Airbrush (1/16 oz. cup)
I-ECL-4500   Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Airbrush
I-ECL-4501   Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Gravity Feed Airbrush With Hose
I-ECL-3550   Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS Side Feed Autographics Airbrush
I-ECL-3500   Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS Side-feed Airbrush
I-ECL-9100   Iwata Eclipse G3 Airbrush-Gun
I-ECL-9200   Iwata Eclipse G5 Airbrush-Gun
I-ECL-9000   Iwata Eclipse G6 Pistol Grip Airbrush
F-A500-DH   Iwata F-A500-DH Moisture Filter
F-A600-DH   Iwata F-A600-DH Moisture Filter w/Regulator & Gauge
F-A700-DH   Iwata F-A700-DH Pressure Regulator & Gauge
H-1100   Iwata Hi-Line HP-AH
H-2100   Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH Airbrush
H-4100   Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH Airbrush
H-5200   Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH
J-003   Iwata Hose Adapter Set for Badger / Paasche / Aztec
I-H-1001   Iwata HP-A Plus High-Performance Plus airbrush
I-H-2001   Iwata HP-B Plus High-Performance Plus airbrush
I-H-5001   Iwata HP-BC Plus High-Performance Plus airbrush
I-H-4001   Iwata HP-C Plus High-Performance Plus airbrush
H-4000-P   Iwata HP-C Plus High-Performance Plus Bonus Pack
K-100-4   Iwata HP-C Plus High-Performance Plus Pro-Pack
I-704-4   Iwata I-701-4 Replacement .3mm Fluid Nozzle for HP-M1 Airbrush
I-701-4   Iwata I-701-4 Replacement .3mm Needle Cap for HP-M1 Airbrush
I-701-5   Iwata I-701-5 Replacement .4mm Needle Cap for HP-M2 Airbrush
I-702-4   Iwata I-702-4 Replacement .3mm Nozzle Cap for HP-M1 Airbrush
I-702-5   Iwata I-702-5 Replacement .4mm Nozzle Cap for HP-M2 Airbrush
I-704-5   Iwata I-704-5 Replacement .4mm Fluid Nozzle for HP-M2 Airbrush
I-712-2   Iwata I-712-2 Replacement Air Valve Set for HP-M1 and HP-M2 Airbrush
I-714-3   Iwata I-712-2 Replacement Main Lever for HP-M1 and HP-M2 Airbrush
I-715-3   Iwata I-715-3 Replacement Needle Chucking Nut for HP-M1 and HP-M2 Airbrush
I-717-6   Iwata I-717-6 Replacement .3mm Needle for HP-M1 Airbrush
I-717-7   Iwata I-717-7 Replacement .4mm Needle for HP-M2 Airbrush
I-718-3   Iwata I-718-3 Replacement Lid for HP-M1 Airbrush
I-722-2   Iwata I-718-4 Fluid Adjustment Valve for HP-M1 and HP-M2 Airbrush
I-718-4   Iwata I-718-4 Replacement Lid for HP-M2 Airbrush
I-725-4   Iwata I-725-4 Replacement Packing Screw for HP-M1 and HP-M2 Airbrush
K-250   Iwata K-250 External Mac Valve
K-9100   Iwata Kustom CH Airbrush
K-9300   Iwata Kustom CS Airbrush
K-9200   Iwata Kustom HP TH Airbrush
K-9000   Iwata Kustom Series Micron CM
K-9400   Iwata Kustom Series TR
CL-MG-1   Iwata LED Magnifier
LPH50-062G   Iwata LPH50-062G Spray Gun - .6 mm (with PC61 cup)
LPH80-062G   Iwata LPH80-062G Spray Gun (0.6 mm nozzle)
CL-200   Iwata Medea Airbrush Cleaning Mat
NAC-201   Iwata NAC-201 Table-top Airbrush Cleaning Station (discontinued)
I-N-2000   Iwata NEO BCN Siphon Feed Airbrush
I-N-4500   Iwata NEO CN Gravity Feed Airbrush
IW-120   Iwata NEO IW 120 Gravity-Feed Airbrushing Kit
N-5500   Iwata NEO TRN1 Trigger Gravity Feed Airbrush
N-5000   Iwata NEO TRN2 Trigger Gravity Feed Airbrush
IS-35   Iwata Ninja Jet Mini Airbrush Compressor IS-35
CL-NW-1   Iwata Nozzle Wrench
F-A450   Iwata Pistol-grip Filter
IS-900   Iwata Power Jet Airbrush Compressor IS-900
IS-925   Iwata Power Jet Lite Airbrush Compressor IS-925
IS-925HT   Iwata Power Jet PLUS Tubular Airbrush Compressor
IS-975   Iwata Power Jet Pro Airbrush Compressor IS-975
I-160-3   Iwata Quick-Fit Quick Disconnect Adaptor Set
I-R-2100   Iwata Revolution HP-BCR Iwata All-Purpose Kit
I-R-4600   Iwata Revolution HP-CR Airbrush Detail Kit
I-R-1500   Iwata Revolution HP-AR Airbrush
I-R-2000   Iwata Revolution HP-BCR Siphon Feed Airbrush
I-R-2001   Iwata Revolution HP-BCR Siphon Feed Airbrush W/hose
I-R-2500   Iwata Revolution HP-BR Gravity Feed Airbrush

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