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GRX-A060009   Grex A060009 - O-ring
GRX-A060011   Grex A060011 - O-ring
GRX-A060012   Grex A060012 - Side Cup Seal
GRX-A071020   Grex A071020 - Needle chuck
GRX-A071030   Grex A071030 - Needle chuck
GRX-A071035   Grex A071035 - Needle chuck
GRX-A072030   Grex A072030 - Needle chuck
GRX-A080001   Grex A080001 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080002   Grex A080002 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080003   Grex A080003 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080004   Grex A080004 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080005   Grex A080005 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A090002   Grex A090002 - Side gravity cup (7mL)
GRX-A090003   Grex A090003 - Side gravity cup (15mL)
GRX-A090004   Grex A090004 - Top gravity cup (7mL)
GRX-A090005   Grex A090005 - Top gravity cup (2mL)
GRX-A090006   Grex A090006 - Top gravity cup (15mL)
GRX-A100001   Grex A100001 - Bottom siphon assembly
GRX-A100002   Grex A100002 - Cup lid (7mL)
GRX-A100003   Grex A100003 - Cup lid (15mL)
GRX-A100004   Grex A100004 - Cup lid (7mL)
GRX-A100005   Grex A100005 - Cup lid (2mL)
GRX-A100006   Grex A100006 - Side siphon assembly
GRX-A100007   Grex A100007 - Cup lid, Genesis.XN
GRX-A110001   Grex A110001 - Needle chuck spring
GRX-A110002   Grex A110002 - Needle chuck spring
GRX-A110003   Grex A110003 - Needle chuck spring
GRX-A110004   Grex A110004 - Slider spring
GRX-A110005   Grex A110005 - Air valve spring
GRX-A111001   Grex A111001 - Spring housing
GRX-A111002   Grex A111002 - Spring housing
GRX-A120001   Grex A120001 - Packing seal
GRX-A120002   Grex A120002 - Packing seal
GRX-A120004   Grex A120004 - Packing seal
GRX-A120005   Grex A120005 - Packing seal
GRX-A120006   Grex A120006 - Nozzle seal
GRX-A130001   Grex A130001 - Packing screw
GRX-A130003   Grex A130003 - Packing screw
GRX-A130004   Grex A130004 - Packing screw
GRX-A130005   Grex A130005 - Guide screw
GRX-A130006   Grex A130006 - Guide screw
GRX-A130007   Grex A130007 - Guide Screw
GRX-A130008   Grex A130008 - Set screw
GRX-A130009   Grex A130009 - Set screw
GRX-A130010   Grex A130010 - Spring housing
GRX-A130011   Grex A130011 - Screw
GRX-A130012   Grex A130012 - Screw
GRX-A130013   Grex A130013 - Trigger screw
GRX-A130014   Grex A130014 - Paint volume adjust knob
GRX-A150001   Grex A150001 - Needle lock
GRX-A150002   Grex A150002 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A150003   Grex A150003 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A150004   Grex A150004 - Actuator
GRX-A150005   Grex A150005 - Actuator
GRX-A150006   Grex A150006 - Trigger button
GRX-A150007   Grex A150007 - Trigger button
GRX-A150008   Grex A150008 - Piston
GRX-A150009   Grex A150009 - Air valve assembly
GRX-A150010   Grex A150010 - Nozzle wrench
GRX-A150011   Grex A150011 - Threaded insert
GRX-A150013   Grex A150013 - Slider
GRX-A150014   Grex A150014 - Slider spring casing
GRX-A150015   Grex A150015 - Slider shift pin
GRX-A150016   Grex A150016 - Trigger
GRX-A150018   Grex A150018 - Air valve assembly
GRX-A150019   Grex A150019 - Air valve pin
GRX-A150020   Grex A150020 - Air valve extension
GRX-A150021   Grex A150021 - Pistol grip handle
GRX-A150022   Grex A150022 - Nut
GRX-A150024   Grex A150024 - Ring
GRX-A150025   Grex A150025 - Trigger button
GRX-A150026   Grex A150026 - Air valve connector
GRX-A150027   Grex A150027 - Nozzle wrench
GRX-A150028   Grex A150028 - Air valve assembly
GRX-A150029   Grex A150029 - Piston
GRX-A150053   Grex A150053 - Slider shift pin
GRX-A150054   Grex A150054 - Pistol grip handle
GRX-A150055   Grex A150055 - Side plug
GRX-A150056   Grex A150056 - Piston guide
GRX-A160000   Grex A160000 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A160001   Grex A160001 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A170000   Grex A170000 - Quick-Pull handle
GRX-AC1810-A   Grex AC1810-A Airbrush Compressor
GRX-AD10   Grex AD10 Adapter, 1/4" male to 3/8" female
GRX-AD11   Grex AD11 Adapter, 1/8" female to 1/4" male
GRX-AD12   Grex AD12 Adapter, 1/8" male to 1/4" female
GRX-AD14   Grex AD14 Adapter, Grex airbrush to Badger hose
GRX-AD16   Grex AD16 Adapter, Badger airbrush to Grex hose
GRX-AD19   Grex AD19 Quick Connect Plug for Badger airbrush
GRX-AD28   Grex AD28 Adaptor, Grex airbrush to Paasche hose
GRX-AD29   Grex AD29 Quick Connect Plug for Paasche airbrush
GRX-AD3   Grex AD3 Quick Connect Coupler & Plug
GRX-AD30   Grex AD30 Adapter, Paasche airbrush to Grex hose
GRX-AD31   Grex AD31 Adapter, Grex Side Feed to Iwata Side Feed Bottles
GRX-AD32   Grex AD32 Adapter, Grex Side Feed to Fast Blast Caps
GRX-AD5   Grex AD5 Adapter, 1/8"M to 1/8"M
GRX-AD6   Grex AD6 Adapter, 1/8"F to 1/4"M
GRX-AD8   Grex AD8 Quick Connect Coupler & Plug
GRX-AD9   Grex AD9 Quick Connect Plug for Grex airbrush
GRX-AE1-A   Grex Aeris 1 Compact Airbrush Compressor
GRX-CP125-G   Grex CP125-G Plastic 4.2 ounce (125ml) Gravity Cup with Lid
GRX-CP125-S   Grex CP125-S Plastic 4.2 ounce (125ml) Side-feed Cup with Lid
GRX-CP15-1   Grex CP15-1 15mL Side Cup
GRX-CP30-1   Grex CP30-1 30mL Bottle with Siphon
GRX-CP30-6K   Grex CP30-6K Bottle Set (6 x 30 ml bottles in Case)
GRX-CP50-1   Grex CP50-1 Top Cup - 50ml
GRX-CP50-2   Grex CP50-2 Side Cup - 50 ml
GRX-CP60-1   Grex CP60-1 60mL Plastic Bottle with Siphon
GRX-CV1-2/TB   Grex CV1-2/TB Lid with Siphon Tube (Genesis.XB)
GRX-DVD-AB01   Grex DVD - Getting Started with your Grex Airbrush
GRX-FA03   Grex FA03 Nozzle Thread Extractor Tool
GRX-TFK-5   Grex Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit - 0.5mm (TFK-5)
GRX-TFK-7   Grex Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit - 0.7mm (TFK-7)
GRX-TFK-3   Grex Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit - 3 0.3mm (TFK-3)
GRX-TF-3   Grex Fan Spray Cap 0.3mm for Tritium Airbrushes (TF-3)
GRX-TF-5   Grex Fan Spray Cap 0.5mm for Tritium Airbrushes (TF-5)
GRX-FA02   Grex full set of Cleaning Brushes FA02
GRX-GBH-06   Grex GBH-06 - 6 foot Braided Nylon Air Hose 1/8" x 1/8"
GRX-GBH-10   Grex GBH-10 - 10 foot Braided Nylon Air Hose 1/8" x 1/8"
GRX-GBH-30   Grex GBH-30 30' Braided Nylon Air Hose 1/8"F x 1/4"F
GRX-GCK01   Grex GCK01 Genesis XT Airbrush Combo Kit
GRX-GCK02   Grex GCK02 Tritium TS3 Airbrush Combo Kit
GRX-GCK03   Grex GCK03 Tritium TG3 Airbrush Combo Kit
GRX-Genesis-XA   Grex Genesis XA Single Action Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XB   Grex Genesis XB Double Action Bottom Siphon Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XBi   Grex Genesis Xbi Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XD   Grex Genesis XD Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XG   Grex Genesis XG Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-XGi3   Grex Genesis XGi3 Ergonomic Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XN   Grex Genesis XN Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XS   Grex Genesis XS Double Action Side Gravity Fed Airbrush
GRX-XSi3   Grex Genesis XSi3 Ergonomic Side Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XT   Grex Genesis XT Double Action Side Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-GGS1   Grex GGS1 Grip Set
GRX-GGS2   Grex GGS2 Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set
GRX-HD1   Grex HD1 Airbrush Holder
GRX-G-MAC   Grex MAC Valve w/ Quick Connect Coupler & Plug
GRX-G-MAC-B   Grex MAC Valve w/ Quick Connect Coupler & Plug, Badger Set
GRX-G-MAC-P   Grex MAC Valve w/ Quick Connect Coupler & Plug, Paasche Set
GRX-FA01   Grex Mini Cleaning Brush Set
GRX-Tritium-TG3   Grex Tritium TG3 Double Action Pistol Style Trigger Airbrush
GRX-Tritium-TS3   Grex Tritium TS3 Side Feed Pistol Style Trigger Airbrush
GRX-X1000   Grex X1000 Side Feed Spray Gun with 1.0 mm Nozzle
GRX-X4000-13   Grex X4000 LVLP Spray Gun with 1.3 mm Nozzle
GRX-X40NS-10   Grex X40NS.10 Nozzle Kit
GRX-X40NS-13   Grex X40NS.13 Nozzle Kit
GRX-X40NS-16   Grex X40NS.16 Nozzle Kit
GRA139   Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Mauve 7.5 ml
AA20190   Gummed Paper Tape 2" x 75'
JACC1791   Gutta Dispenser Bottle Bottle .5oz
JACC1792   Gutta Dispenser Tip #5 (Small) Metal
JACC2792   Gutta Dispenser Tip #7 (Medium) Metal
JACC3792   Gutta Dispenser Tip #9 (Large) Metal
HS110273   H&S Hose for Modular Airbrush Holder and Manifold
HS110193   H&S Modular Airbrush Holder and Manifold
XA75170   Hands-Free Stand with Magnifier
AA75120   Hard Cover Sketch Book 4x6
AA75121   Hard Cover Sketch Book 5.5x8
AA75123   Hard Cover Sketch Book 11x14
AA75113   Hard Cover Spiral-Bound Sketch Book - 11"x14"
AA75110   Hard Cover Spiral-Bound Sketch Book - 4"x6"
AA75111   Hard Cover Spiral-Bound Sketch Book - 5.5"x8"
AA75112   Hard Cover Spiral-Bound Sketch Book - 8.5"x11"
AA47010   Hardboard Panel 12"X16"
HS125913   Harder & Steenbeck 9 foot Braided hose w/air valve
HS125903   Harder & Steenbeck 9 foot Braided hose w/quick coupler
HS126123   Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline M
HS126023   Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline Solo Airbrush
HS123023   Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Solo Airbrush
HS123003   Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Two-in-one
HS123063   Harder & Steenbeck Evolution X solo airbrush
HS127003   Harder & Steenbeck Grafo T1 Airbrush
HS126543   Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 2-in-1 Airbrush
HS126544   Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2-in-1 Airbrush
HS126533   Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Solo Airbrush
HS-104703   Harder & Steenbeck quick coupler w/adjustable valve
LB300039   Harlem Duroziez Drying Medium 75ml
LI533-0752   Hayaku Japanese Hinging Tape
AA17790   Heavy Duty 3" Bulldog Clip
MVTW401   Heavy-Duty All Metal Tube Wringer
HX61002   Helix 12" Magnifying Ruler
HX12071   Helix 6" 180 degree Shatter Resistant Protractor
HX19060   Helix Automatic Eraser
HX19071   Helix Automatic Eraser refills 30 pack
HX17881   Helix Geometry Set
HX18311   Helix Student Triangle Set
SPC36   Heritage Roll-Up 36 Pencil Case
ALV-HWP18   Heritage™ Artists Paint Palette - 18 Well
ALV-HWP24   Heritage™ Artists Paint Palette - 24 Well
ALV-HWP33   Heritage™ Artists Paint Palette - 33 Well
ALV-HC2731   Heritage™ Crafter’s and Painter’s Tote
ALV-HC2642   Heritage™ Watercolor Painter’s Bag
CH44201   Higgins Waterproof Black India Ink 1oz
HBW239   Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15 ml - Aureolin
HBW278   Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15 ml - Bamboo Green
HBW350   Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15 ml - Blue Grey (discontinued)
HBW370   Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15 ml - Bright Rose (Luminous)
HBW375   Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15 ml - Bright Violet (Luminous)
HBW247   Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15 ml - Brilliant Orange

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