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GXP04DW1417   Grafix Dura-Lar Wet Media Film .004" - 14"X17" Pad
GXRLC244N   Grafix Low Tack Frisket Film - Gloss - 24 inches X 4 yards
GXRLM244N   Grafix Low Tack Frisket Film - Matte - 24 inches X 4 yards
GXRLM124N   Grafix Low Tack Frisket Film - Matte - 12 inches X 4 yards
GXRCPU   Grafix Rubber Cement Pick-Up
15-15-080   Graphite Powder - Cretacolor 150 gram jar
GP970PG   Graphite Powder 6 ounce jar
CW3505   Gray scale and value finder by Color Wheel Co
GRX-TK-2   Grex 0.2mm Nozzle Kit TK-2, for Tritium TG, TS and Genesis XGi, XSi Airbrushes
GRX-TK-3   Grex 0.3mm Nozzle Kit Tritium TG, TS and Genesis XGi, XSi Airbrushes
GRX-TK-5   Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit TK-5, for Tritium TG, TS and Genesis XGi, XSi Airbrushes
GRX-TK-7   Grex 0.7mm Nozzle Kit TK-7, for Tritium TG, TS and Genesis XGi, XSi Airbrushes
GRX-A010004   Grex A010004 - Body
GRX-A021000   Grex A021000 Fluid needle (1.0 mm)
GRX-A021020   Grex A021020 Fluid needle (0.2 mm)
GRX-A021030   Grex A021030 Fluid needle (0.3 mm)
GRX-A021035   Grex A021035 Fluid needle (0.35 mm)
GRX-A023030   Grex A023030 Fluid needle (0.3 mm)
GRX-A024020   Grex A024020 Fluid needle (0.2 mm)
GRX-A024050   Grex A024050 Fluid needle (0.5 mm)
GRX-A024070   Grex A024070 - Fluid needle (0.70mm)
GRX-A031000   Grex A031000 - Fine Spray Needle Cap
GRX-A031001   Grex A031001 - Fine Spray Needle Cap
GRX-A031020   Grex A031020 Needle Cap
GRX-A031030   Grex A031030 Needle Cap
GRX-A031035   Grex A031035 - Needle cap
GRX-A033030   Grex A033030 - Needle cap
GRX-A034000   Grex A034000 Quick-fit Needle Cap
GRX-A034010   Grex A034010 Quick-fit Crown Cap
GRX-A041020   Grex A041020 - Nozzle cap
GRX-A041030   Grex A041030 - Nozzle cap
GRX-A041035   Grex A041035 - Nozzle cap
GRX-A043030   Grex A043030 - Nozzle cap
GRX-A044020   Grex A044020 - Nozzle cap (0.20mm)
GRX-A044030   Grex A044030 - Nozzle cap (0.30mm)
GRX-A044050   Grex A044050 - Nozzle cap (0.50mm)
GRX-A044070   Grex A044070 - Nozzle cap (0.70mm)
GRX-A045030   Grex A045030 - Nozzle cap (0.30mm)
GRX-A045050   Grex A045050 - Nozzle cap (0.50mm)
GRX-A051000   Grex A051000 Fluid nozzle (1.0 mm)
GRX-A051020   Grex A051020 Fluid nozzle (0.2 mm)
GRX-A051030   Grex A051030 Fluid nozzle (0.3 mm)
GRX-A051035   Grex A051035 Fluid nozzle (0.35 mm)
GRX-A052030   Grex A052030 Fluid nozzle (0.3 mm)
GRX-A053030   Grex A053030 Fluid nozzle (0.3 mm)
GRX-A054020   Grex A054020 Fluid nozzle (0.2 mm)
GRX-A054030   Grex A054030 Fluid nozzle (0.3 mm)
GRX-A054050   Grex A054050 Fluid nozzle (0.5 mm)
GRX-A054070   Grex A054070 - Fluid nozzle (0.70mm)
GRX-A060001   Grex A060001 - O-ring
GRX-A060002   Grex A060002 - O-ring
GRX-A060003   Grex A060003 - O-ring
GRX-A060004   Grex A060004 - O-ring
GRX-A060005   Grex A060005 - O-ring
GRX-A060006   Grex A060006 - O-ring
GRX-A060007   Grex A060007 - O-ring
GRX-A060008   Grex A060008 - O-ring
GRX-A060009   Grex A060009 - O-ring
GRX-A060011   Grex A060011 - O-ring
GRX-A060012   Grex A060012 - Side Cup Seal
GRX-A071020   Grex A071020 - Needle chuck
GRX-A071030   Grex A071030 - Needle chuck
GRX-A071035   Grex A071035 - Needle chuck
GRX-A072030   Grex A072030 - Needle chuck
GRX-A080001   Grex A080001 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080002   Grex A080002 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080003   Grex A080003 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080004   Grex A080004 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A080005   Grex A080005 - Rear handle cap
GRX-A090002   Grex A090002 - Side gravity cup (7mL)
GRX-A090003   Grex A090003 - Side gravity cup (15mL)
GRX-A090004   Grex A090004 - Top gravity cup (7mL)
GRX-A090005   Grex A090005 - Top gravity cup (2mL)
GRX-A090006   Grex A090006 - Top gravity cup (15mL)
GRX-A100001   Grex A100001 - Bottom siphon assembly
GRX-A100002   Grex A100002 - Cup lid (7mL)
GRX-A100003   Grex A100003 - Cup lid (15mL)
GRX-A100004   Grex A100004 - Cup lid (7mL)
GRX-A100005   Grex A100005 - Cup lid (2mL)
GRX-A100006   Grex A100006 - Side siphon assembly
GRX-A100007   Grex A100007 - Cup lid, Genesis.XN
GRX-A110001   Grex A110001 - Needle chuck spring
GRX-A110002   Grex A110002 - Needle chuck spring
GRX-A110003   Grex A110003 - Needle chuck spring
GRX-A110004   Grex A110004 - Slider spring
GRX-A110005   Grex A110005 - Air valve spring
GRX-A111001   Grex A111001 - Spring housing
GRX-A111002   Grex A111002 - Spring housing
GRX-A120001   Grex A120001 - Packing seal
GRX-A120002   Grex A120002 - Packing seal
GRX-A120004   Grex A120004 - Packing seal (discontinued, use A120016)
GRX-A120005   Grex A120005 - Packing seal
GRX-A120006   Grex A120006 - Nozzle seal
GRX-A120007   GREX A120007 O-Ring (solvent-proof) for the X1000 Spray Gun
GRX-A120008   GREX A120008 Needle Packing for X1000 Spray Gun
GRX-A120016   Grex A120016 Nozzle Seal
GRX-A130001   Grex A130001 - Packing screw
GRX-A130003   Grex A130003 - Packing screw
GRX-A130004   Grex A130004 - Packing screw
GRX-A130005   Grex A130005 - Guide screw
GRX-A130006   Grex A130006 - Guide screw
GRX-A130007   Grex A130007 - Guide Screw
GRX-A130008   Grex A130008 - Set screw
GRX-A130009   Grex A130009 - Set screw
GRX-A130010   Grex A130010 - Spring housing
GRX-A130011   Grex A130011 - Screw
GRX-A130012   Grex A130012 - Screw
GRX-A130013   Grex A130013 - Trigger screw
GRX-A130014   Grex A130014 - Paint volume adjust knob
GRX-A150001   Grex A150001 - Needle lock
GRX-A150002   Grex A150002 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A150003   Grex A150003 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A150004   Grex A150004 - Actuator
GRX-A150005   Grex A150005 - Actuator
GRX-A150006   Grex A150006 - Trigger button
GRX-A150007   Grex A150007 - Trigger button
GRX-A150008   Grex A150008 - Piston
GRX-A150009   Grex A150009 - Air valve assembly
GRX-A150010   Grex A150010 - Nozzle wrench
GRX-A150011   Grex A150011 - Threaded insert
GRX-A150013   Grex A150013 - Slider
GRX-A150014   Grex A150014 - Slider spring casing
GRX-A150015   Grex A150015 - Slider shift pin
GRX-A150016   Grex A150016 - Trigger
GRX-A150018   Grex A150018 - Air valve assembly
GRX-A150019   Grex A150019 - Air valve pin
GRX-A150020   Grex A150020 - Air valve extension
GRX-A150021   Grex A150021 - Pistol grip handle
GRX-A150022   Grex A150022 - Nut
GRX-A150024   Grex A150024 - Ring
GRX-A150025   Grex A150025 - Trigger button
GRX-A150026   Grex A150026 - Air valve connector
GRX-A150027   Grex A150027 - Nozzle wrench
GRX-A150028   Grex A150028 - Air valve assembly
GRX-A150029   Grex A150029 - Piston
GRX-A150036   GREX A150036 Air valve seat set for the X1000 Spray Gun
GRX-A150053   Grex A150053 - Slider shift pin
GRX-A150054   Grex A150054 - Pistol grip handle
GRX-A150055   Grex A150055 - Side plug
GRX-A150056   Grex A150056 - Piston guide
GRX-A160000   Grex A160000 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A160001   Grex A160001 - Pre-set adjustment knob
GRX-A170000   Grex A170000 - Quick-Pull handle
GRX-AC1810-A   Grex AC1810-A Airbrush Compressor
GRX-AD10   Grex AD10 Adapter, 1/4" male to 3/8" female
GRX-AD11   Grex AD11 Adapter, 1/8" female to 1/4" male
GRX-AD12   Grex AD12 Adapter, 1/8" male to 1/4" female
GRX-AD14   Grex AD14 Adapter, Grex airbrush to Badger hose
GRX-AD16   Grex AD16 Adapter, Badger airbrush to Grex hose
GRX-AD19   Grex AD19 Quick Connect Plug for Badger airbrush
GRX-AD28   Grex AD28 Adaptor, Grex airbrush to Paasche hose
GRX-AD29   Grex AD29 Quick Connect Plug for Paasche airbrush
GRX-AD3   Grex AD3 Quick Connect Coupler & Plug
GRX-AD30   Grex AD30 Adapter, Paasche airbrush to Grex hose
GRX-AD31   Grex AD31 Adapter, Grex Side Feed to Iwata Side Feed Bottles
GRX-AD32   Grex AD32 Adapter, Grex Side Feed to Fast Blast Caps
GRX-AD5   Grex AD5 Adapter, 1/8"M to 1/8"M
GRX-AD6   Grex AD6 Adapter, 1/8"F to 1/4"M
GRX-AD8   Grex AD8 Quick Connect Coupler & Plug
GRX-AD9   Grex AD9 Quick Connect Plug for Grex airbrush
GRX-AE1-A   Grex Aeris 1 Compact Airbrush Compressor
GRX-CP125-G   Grex CP125-G Plastic 4.2 ounce (125ml) Gravity Cup with Lid
GRX-CP125-S   Grex CP125-S Plastic 4.2 ounce (125ml) Side-feed Cup with Lid
GRX-CP15-1   Grex CP15-1 15mL Side Cup
GRX-CP30-1   Grex CP30-1 30mL Bottle with Siphon
GRX-CP30-6K   Grex CP30-6K Bottle Set (6 x 30 ml bottles in Case)
GRX-CP50-1   Grex CP50-1 Top Cup - 50ml
GRX-CP50-2   Grex CP50-2 Side Cup - 50 ml
GRX-CP60-1   Grex CP60-1 60mL Plastic Bottle with Siphon
GRX-CV1-2/TB   Grex CV1-2/TB Lid with Siphon Tube (Genesis.XB)
GRX-DVD-AB01   Grex DVD - Getting Started with your Grex Airbrush
GRX-FA03   Grex FA03 Nozzle Thread Extractor Tool
GRX-TFK-5   Grex Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit - 0.5mm (TFK-5)
GRX-TFK-7   Grex Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit - 0.7mm (TFK-7)
GRX-TFK-3   Grex Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit - 3 0.3mm (TFK-3)
GRX-TF-3   Grex Fan Spray Cap 0.3mm for Tritium Airbrushes (TF-3)
GRX-TF-5   Grex Fan Spray Cap 0.5mm for Tritium Airbrushes (TF-5)
GRX-FA02   Grex full set of Cleaning Brushes FA02
GRX-GBH-06   Grex GBH-06 - 6 foot Braided Nylon Air Hose 1/8" x 1/8"
GRX-GBH-10   Grex GBH-10 - 10 foot Braided Nylon Air Hose 1/8" x 1/8"
GRX-GBH-30   Grex GBH-30 30' Braided Nylon Air Hose 1/8"F x 1/4"F
GRX-GCK01   Grex GCK01 Genesis XT Airbrush Combo Kit
GRX-GCK02   Grex GCK02 Tritium TS3 Airbrush Combo Kit
GRX-GCK03   Grex GCK03 Tritium TG3 Airbrush Combo Kit
GRX-Genesis-XA   Grex Genesis XA Single Action Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XB   Grex Genesis XB Double Action Bottom Siphon Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XBi   Grex Genesis Xbi Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XD   Grex Genesis XD Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XG   Grex Genesis XG Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-XGi3   Grex Genesis XGi3 Ergonomic Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XN   Grex Genesis XN Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XS   Grex Genesis XS Double Action Side Gravity Fed Airbrush
GRX-XSi3   Grex Genesis XSi3 Ergonomic Side Feed Airbrush
GRX-Genesis-XT   Grex Genesis XT Double Action Side Gravity Feed Airbrush
GRX-GGS1   Grex GGS1 Grip Set
GRX-GGS2   Grex GGS2 Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set
GRX-HD1   Grex HD1 Airbrush Holder
GRX-G-MAC   Grex MAC Valve w/ Quick Connect Coupler & Plug
GRX-G-MAC-B   Grex MAC Valve w/ Quick Connect Coupler & Plug, Badger Set

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