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Fill Your Watercolors with Nature's Light

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Be excited. Be very excited. Because this is not merely a book--it's an artistic adventure, courtesy of the legendary artist and teacher, Roland Roycraft!

In the course of 144 pages, Roland's simplified approaches to composition, color application and self-evaluation will have you producing better, brighter paintings than ever before! You'll see how a few amazingly simple techniques can create dramatic, atmospheric landscapes and soft, impressionistic flowers full of light ... how to get your painting over halfway done without ever touching the paper ... and how to troubleshoot possible problems before they happen, and take advantage of the accidents that do.

The concepts and techniques in this book have been proven time and time again in Roland's workshops. And I'm betting they'll prove themselves in your paintings, too!

Table of Contents

Studio Suggestions and Materials

Chapter One
# The Principals of Landscape Painting Three Theories for Landscapes
# Demonstration: 'Bits and Pieces'
# Demonstration: 'House on 669'

Chapter Two
Seven Simple Elements to Structure Your Painting
# Use Atmospheric Colors and Constructive Colors
# Recognize Space
# Demonstration: 'Huddled Together'
# Demonstration: 'Fat Tuesday'
# Demonstration: 'Dune's Edge'
# Build on "Bones"
# Add the "Flesh"
# Incorporate Symbols
# Show Silhouettes
# Keep a Photo File

Chapter Three
Let's Make a Painting
# A Four-Step Process
# Demonstration: 'Winter Stream'
# Demonstration: 'The Hunter's Cabin'
# Demonstration: 'Canyon Shadows'
# Simple Keys for Evaluating Your Painting

Chapter Four
Two Fun Ways to Paint Flowers
# Interpreting the Different Personalities of Flowers
# Demonstration: 'Iris Group'
# Demonstration: 'Peony Power'
# Demonstration: 'Grand Opening'

Chapter Five
Having Fun Learning in the Classroom
# Common Beginner Questions and Answers
# Common Painting Problems and How to Avoid Them
# Plan First, Then Let Go!

Chapter Six
Enjoy Experimenting with Watercolor
# Take Advantage of Accidentals
# Combine Accidentals for a Painting
# Demonstration: 'Winter Fire Bush'
# Monoliths Provide Creative Patterns
# Weave Themes in Watercolor

Chapter Seven
A Visit to My Gallery


From the Introduction

One of the first things I tell my students to do is evaluate themselves to find out who they are. How do you see things? Are you neat and tidy, or do you see things in a wild and wacky way? Are you a careful planner, or do you just go for it? These are they types of questions you must answer to determine the type of painter you will be.

Who am I? I consider myself an abstract painter who leans toward realism. I don't understand complicated things, so I have to simplify everything in order to understand it. That's how I came to develop a method of composition that has been proven in my workshops. The theories I have developed have come over a period of years as a result of this frustration.

Also, I don't believe in telling everything in my paintings, which makes me somewhat of an impressionist. The viewer must fill in the missing parts. I create an illusion or mystery that is meant to provoke people and make them wish they were at that place, too. I exaggerate and distort things in order to design elements that get along with each other. This is what makes my paintings mine. This is what you must do, too.

I will guide you through a simplified system of composition, color application and self-evaluation to enable you to climb to a higher step in your in your interpretation of painting landscapes and flowers. I will try to stimulate thought and cause you to see life beyond all its natural beauty, beyond the obvious. But most of all, this is a learning adventure where light is the principal player in this intruiging game we call art.

In this book, I will give you the tools to work with and guide you throught the many stages of painting a transparent watercolor. It doesn't come all at once. After being involved in art and painting all my life, I am still learning just like you. So let's go for it!

--Roland Roycraft

About the Author

Roland Roycraft graduated from the American Academy of Art in 1941. In the years since, he has worked as a commercial artist, art director, advertising manager and art instructor. Students have traveled from all over the world to attend his workshops conducted throughout the United States. Roycraft is a signature member of both the American Watercolor Society and the Midwest Watercolor Society.

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