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Series 7185K Flat
Series 7485K Filbert
Series 7785K Round
Plein Air Top Acryl
Short Handle • Extra Strong and Stiff for Acrylics, Oils & Water-Mixable Oils
•Constructed with 5 different diameters of extra strong Synthetic Bristle. Short handles fit right in your painting box or travel easel. Exclusive design developed by daVinci.
• Thicker fibers placed on the outside work with thinner fibers in the middle to trap and hold color for higher absorption and an even distribution of paint.
• Shaped by heat after gumming for the “interlock” effect, all shapes keep their form after long & vigorous use.
• Extra stiff with a precise snap, they are excellent for heavy body acrylics, oils, water-mixable oils and a favorite of Impasto painters (who use thick applications of paint).
• Whether massing color in the larger sizes or precision painting in the smaller sizes, Top Acryl brushes offer the artist versatility and ruggedness.
• Seamless nickel-plated brass ferrules are rust-resistant and long lasting.