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Cosmotop Spin Series 488 Quills
Cosmotop Spin Series 5080 Ultimate Wash
Cosmotop Spin Series 5580 Round
Cosmotop Spin Series 5584 Oval Wash
Cosmotop Spin Series 5880 Bright (short flat)
Cosmotop Spin Series 1573 Travel Brushes

Cosmotop Spin Synthetics: da Vinci's best selling line of watercolor brushes.
•Holds more water than any other synthetic. Exclusive construction developed by daVinci in 1983.
•A blend of 5 different diameters of extra smooth fiber ensures the highest color-absorption of any synthetic brush.
•Thicker fibers placed on the outside work with thinner fibers in the middle to trap and hold water & color.
•These varying diameters create a fine point, stable shape, and energetic spring.
•Ergonomic handles for maximum painting control. Large sizes are great for area work.
•Seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrules are rust-resistant and long lasting. Easy to clean.