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Gamblin Accents on Studio Safety Set
List Price: $85.95
Our Price: $51.57
(Out of Stock)

The Accents on Studio Safety Set is designed to inform artists about recommended healthy studio practices and to provide the safest products available for all oil painting techniques. The set includes a palette of six 37ml tubes of pure, lightfast oil color made from non-toxic pigments. Gamsol is included in a full size container (pint) as the cornerstone to safe studio practices, Refined Linseed Oil (2 oz.), Galkyd Lite (2 oz.), and Cold Wax Medium (2 oz.). An artists grade color chart, oil painting medium guide, solvent comparison chart, Navigating Color Space DVD and expert technical information are also included. Ideal for artists interested in protecting themselves and the world around them when painting with oils. This item must be shipped via UPS Ground.
Winsor & Newton Artists' oil introductory set
Winsor & Newton Artists' oil introductory set
List Price $105.59
Our Price $63.35
In Stock

This 10-color introductory set is great for the price-wise artist who wants to sample a range of Winsor & Newton Artistsí Oil Colors before trying out the whole line. The colors are manufactured from the finest raw materials available and may be safely mixed with others to obtain a wide variety of shades. The 21ml tubes come packed in a compact cardboard box. Includes pamphlet.
Titanium White, Ivory black, Burnt umber, Indian Red, Yellow ochre, Winsor green (phthalo), Winsor Blue (Phthalo), Ultramarine green shade, Alizarin Crimson, Winsor yellow
Cretacolor Aqua Brique 20 Color Watercolor Set
Cretacolor Aqua Brique 20 Color Watercolor Set
List Price $94.95
Our Price $66.47
In Stock

Aqua Brique is a watercolor block that can be used for a variety of drawing, painting and mixed media techniques. Use it directly on wet or dry paper as a drawing tool, dip it in water for water richer color application, or use it with a brush as a traditional watercolor cake. They have excellent lightfastness and water-solubility.
Carbothello pastel pencil set 60
List Price $117.00
Our Price $66.69
In Stock

Cretacolor Aqua Monolith Pencil Tin Set of 36
List Price: $95.95
Our Price: $67.17
In Stock

Contains the following colors:
Perm White
Sunproof Yel Citron
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Yellow
Chromium Yellow
Permanent Red Lt
Permanent Red Dk
Carmine Extra Fine

Madder Carmine
Prussian Blue
Bremen Blue
Glacier Blue

Delft Blue
Light Blue
Smyrna Blue
Emerald Green
Moss Green Light
Moss Green Dark
Grass Green
Olive Green Dark
Tan Light

Ochre Light
English Red
Indian Red
Chestnut Brown
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Ivory Black

Carbothello pastel pencil set 48
List Price $93.60
Our Price $67.39
In Stock

Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolor set - 10 5ml. tubes
List Price $105.59
Our Price $67.58
In Stock

This set contains ten 5ml tubes of Artistsí watercolors and a series 16 sable brush.
Artisan water-mixable oil studio set
List Price $114.49
Our Price $68.69
In Stock

Included in this set are ten 37ml Artisan colors: burnt umber, cadmium red hue, cadmium yellow hue, cerulean blue hue, French ultramarine, lemon yellow, permanent alizarin crimson, pthalo green (blue shade), titanium white and yellow ochre, a 75ml bottle of water mixable linseed oil, a size 4 round hog brush, a size 2 flat hog brush and an instructional leaflet.
Daylight Twist Portable Lamp
Daylight Twist Portable Lamp
List Price $93.00
Our Price $70.68
In Stock

This compact lamp features an innovative easy-twist shade designed to provide the ultimate spread of light across a variety of work areas. The head joint can rotate the shade up to 320į allowing the user to direct the light exactly where they want it. The lamp is lightweight and folds neatly away, making it very easy to transport. It uses an energy-saving, low-heat 13-watt Daylight color matching tube with flicker-free technology for optimal clarity and eye comfort.  PLEASE NOTE: This lamp is NOT battery operated.
Gamblin Kevin Macpherson Plein Air Set
Gamblin Kevin Macpherson Plein Air Set
List Price: $119.95
Our Price: $71.97
In Stock

This colors and mediums set features a book written by Kevin Macpherson displaying his techniques in plein air landscape painting. The book will inspire painters to experiment with his techniques and the entire set provides painters with the same tools referenced by Kevin to create beautiful landscape paintings. This set features Gamblinís Artistís Oil colors, made with pure pigments and the finest refined linseed oil. It includes nine 37ml tubes of Artistís Oil color, a tube of 150ml Artistís Oil titanium white, painting medium and Gamsol, a color chart and a mediums guide.
Cretacolor Ultimo Dry Art Material Tin Box of 36 Pcs
List Price: $99.95
Our Price: $76.96
(Out of Stock)

This 36 piece set has a comprehensive range of drawing materials to cover all your needs. Available in tin and wood box sets. The Ultimo replaces the Pasticcio set.
Daylight Easel Lamp
List Price $109.99
Our Price $90.19
(Out of Stock)

Clamp this lamp on an easel or any flat surface. Specifically designed for use with painting and drawing, the Daylight bulb is perfect for tasks where clarity, color matching and eye comfort are essential. The lamp hood is attached to a flexible arm that allows you to move and direct the light source in a variety of positions and angles. It includes an 11-watt low heat Daylight bulb (60-watt equivalent).
Lyra Aquarelle Colored Pencil set of 72
List Price $137.97
Our Price: $96.58
In Stock

Set of 72 in metal tin.

M. Graham Intermediate 10 Color Watercolor Set
M. Graham Intermediate 10 Color Watercolor Set
List Price $163.20
Our Price $97.92
In Stock

Contains 10 .5 oz (15 ml) tubes of M. Graham Watercolors. This set contains Ultramarine Blue, Perm. Aizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Azo Yellow, Pyroll Red, Phthalo Green, Azo Orange, Nickle Quinacridone Gold, and Dioxazine Purple.
Daylight Professional Artist Lamp
Daylight Professional Artist Lamp (24 watt)
List Price $189.99
Our Price $129.99
In Stock

This innovative light source is both stylish and functional, combining daylight simulation technology with the grace of a contemporary accent piece. Portable and flexible, these Professional Artists Lamps are complete with two clamps; one that you can fix to any floor standing metal or wooden easel and a second clamp that attaches to any table, work bench or drafting table. They can be moved from one work area to another in a matter of seconds! Complete with low heat daylight bulbs, they provide a flood of natural light giving you true colors and clarity of vision. In addition, they feature a flexible arm that can be adjusted to allow the light source to be positioned at any angle to suit your work.
Gamblin Deluxe Painting System Set
Gamblin Deluxe Painting System Set
List Price: $249.95
Our Price: $149.97
In Stock

The Gamblin Deluxe Painting System Set offers painters the chance to explore the unique working properties of both mineral and modern colors. This array of colors has been selected by Robert Gamblin to establish a complete basic palette. The set contains one each of twelve artist-grade colors in cadmium red light, perylene red, cadmium yellow light, hansa yellow medium, phthalo green, viridian, dioxazine purple, ultramarine blue, indanthrene blue, transparent orange, ivory black and titanium white in 37ml tubes, five painting mediums, two beautiful brushes, a palette knife and product brochures placed in a finely made wooden sketch box.