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Please note: We show the Nupastel 12 and 24 sets. You should choose one or the other. You do not need both sets.
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Compressed Charcoal  Sticks - 3 Pack
Art Alternatives Compressed Charcoal Sticks - 3 Pack
List Price: $2.49
Our Price: 1.99
In Stock

Art Alternatives Brand Compressed Charcoal Drawing Sticks are actually a semi-soft black pastel stick. They are designed to create effects similar to natural charcoal.
Artgum Eraser
Artgum Eraser
List Price: $1.00
Our Price: 0.90
In Stock

Doubling as a non-abrasive eraser and a dry cleaner, this artgum eraser leaves a fine powder after erasing that dry-cleans the surface by absorbing graphite and dirt.
Biggie Newsprint Pad 18"X24" 100 Sheets (now called XL Newsprint)
List Price: $16.15
Our Price: 8.72
(Out of Stock)

Compared to standard newsprint, this high quality 30 lb. recycled newsprint is a little bit heavier, a little bit whiter and has a rougher, more consistent tooth.
Blending Stumps #4 (5/16 ") 2 pack
List Price $2.19
Our Price 1.64
In Stock

Bob's Fine Vine Charcoal
Bob's Fine Vine Charcoal - Assorted
List Price $12.95
Our Price 9.89
In Stock

Bob's Fine Vine Charcoal of Eugene, Oregon has been making this fine charcoal from select northwest hardwood since 1986. It is very dark and has a smooth consistency. Charcoal artists tell us that they just love it! The stick are square rather than round. This assortment has 20 small stick (about 5/16") and 4 large sticks (about 1/2").
Canson Pure White 80 lb Drawing Pad 18" X 24"
List Price: $23.00
Our Price: 13.78
In Stock

This bright white drawing paper is well suited for fine detail drawing in pencil and pen. The 80 lb. sheets are micro-perforated for clean tears, and stand up well to constant erasing. Each pad contains 24 sheets.
Conte Crayon Matchbox Set of 4
Conte Crayon Matchbox Set of 4
Our Price 4.02
In Stock

Contains one each of Black B, White 2B, Sanguine, and Bistre in a foam lined box.
Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser Extra Large
Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser - Extra Large
List Price $1.50
Our Price 1.19
In Stock

This gray kneaded eraser is primarily used by artists on graphite and charcoal. The extra-large size makes it easier to erase large areas.
Genuine Chamois  5 inch X 7 inch
Genuine Chamois 5 inch X 7 inch
List Price $4.39
Our Price 3.29
In Stock

A fundamental material for artists working in a wide range of mediums. This genuine artist chamois is natural, soft, pliable and highly absorbent. It’s ideal for blending pastels and charcoal, creating effects with watercolors and smoothing clay surfaces.
Hard Cover Spiral-Bound Sketch Book - 8.5"x11"
List Price $15.49
Our Price 11.62
In Stock

Double wired spiral bound. Contains 80 sheets of 65 lb. bright white paper that are micro-perforated for easy removal. 8.5 inches by 11 inches
Higgins Waterproof Black India Ink 1oz
Higgins Waterproof Black India Ink 1oz
List Price: $5.45
Our Price: 4.95
In Stock

Excellent at full strength for technical pens, lettering pens and airbrushes, this ink may also be diluted with water for transparent washes and to produce infinite shades.
Kimberly Drawing Pencil Kit
Kimberly Drawing Pencil Kit
List Price: $3.69
Our Price: 3.02
(Out of Stock)

The Kimberly Drawing Pencil Kit by General Pencil contains three Kimberly drawing pencils (2B, HB, 2H), a Layout pencil and an eraser.
Krylon Workable Fixatif 11 oz.
List Price $11.88
Our Price 7.72
In Stock

THIS PRODUCT MAY ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA FEDEX OR UPS GROUND. A matte finish coating, especially formulated for use with pastel, charcoal and pencil. Acid-free and perfect for drawings, sketches and layouts. In 11 oz. cans.
M&R German Brass Sharpener Single Stubby
List Price $6.50
Our Price 4.89
In Stock

The unique single-hole style is often referred to as the “Pineapple” or “Grenade” sharpener and is a distinctive emblem of taste for discerning creative people. Use MG100-6050 replacement blades.
Metal Erasing Shield
List Price $2.25
Our Price 2.25
(Out of Stock)

Fourteen, clean smooth openings plus a row of holes for making dotted lines. Cut from .006" thick stainless steel.
Mi-Teintes Pad - 24 sheets Assorted Colors 12x16
Mi-Teintes Pad - 24 sheets Assorted Colors 12x16
List Price $20.05
Our Price 12.43
In Stock

The 98 lb, 65% rag paper in these pads is ideal for hard and soft pastel, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil. It is double surfaced, lightfast and acid-free. Also great for paper crafts.
Neptune Watercolor Brush 757063475817
Neptune Faux Squirrel Watercolor Brush - Round #2
List Price: $8.35
Our Price: 4.18
In Stock

Neptune Watercolor Brush 757063475824
Neptune Faux Squirrel Watercolor Brush - Round #4
List Price: $9.50
Our Price: 4.76
In Stock

Prismacolor Colored Pencil Set of 24
List Price: $50.23
Our Price: 30.64
In Stock

Prismacolor Nupastels 12 Color set
List Price: $21.56
Our Price: 15.52
In Stock

Prismacolor Nupastels are hard pastel sticks (3-5/8" square sticks). The smooth sides make them clean and easy to handle. They can be blended just like ordinary pastels.
Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set - 15 half Sticks
Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set - 15 half Sticks
List Price: $43.60
Our Price: 24.69
In Stock

Sturdy cardboard set with a basic selection of 15 half sticks.
Pigma Micron Assorted black sizes - 3 pen set
Sakura Pigma Micron Assorted black sizes - 3 pen set
List Price $8.69
Our Price 7.39
In Stock

This set contains one each 01, 03, and 05 Sakura Pigma Micron Black Pen. These fine-point pens have waterproof, quick drying pigmented ink for permanency and true color reproduction. Use for graphics, drafting, illustration ,etc.
W&N Vine Charcoal medium 12/box
List Price $9.79
Our Price 6.17
In Stock

Winsor & Newton Vine Charcoal. Sticks come in 6" lengths.
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