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Pébéo Vitrail
These are the best paints to simulate stained glass. Pébéo's Vitrail paints are applied with a brush.  All surfaces should be carefully cleaned before applying Vitrail using soapy water or alcohol. You can apply Vitrail paints to transparent surfaces surfaces such as glass, acetate, polyester and  plexiglas. They can also be applied to metal, ceramics and almost any hard surface. Vitrail colors are intense and very transparent. The decorated surface has good hardness and resists to gentle washing with cold water. To imitate stained glass, use with Pébéo's Cernes Relief outliners. They are applied directly from the tube before applying the Vitrail colors, or for an even more realistic effect use the self adhesive lead strip, which can be applied to both sides of the glass or plexiglass. Objects decorated with Vitrail colors are intended for decorative purposes only and are not food safe or dishwasher safe. These are a solvent based paint and must be cleaned up with mineral spirits. Since these paints are flammable they must be shipped via UPS Ground service only.

How to prepare the surface to be painted ?

Clean the surface to be painted with soapy water or alcohol and allow to dry completely.


Once the Cerne Relief outliner has been applied,  how long should I wait before the Vitrail paints can be applied ?

Wait at least 30 minutes for the Cernes Relief outliners to dry, before applying the Vitrail paints.

How can I correct a mistake ?

If the paint is still wet, use a cotton swab soaked in the odorless mineral spirits to remove the Vitrail paints. Use water to remove the Cernes Relief outliners.


How do I make a straight line with the Cerne Relief outliner ?

Before starting, always wipe off the excess paint that comes out of the tube. When applying it, use the tube as if it was a pencil and make sure to exert a constant pressure.


How do I make  the Vitrail color lighter (more transparent) ?
Use the Vitrail lightening
medium : it lightens the colors without changing their qualities or thinning them.


How long does Vitrail need to dry?

6 to 8 hours depending on the temperature. Try to choose a dust free area for drying your painted objects.

Once dry, must the object be baked ?

No, The Vitrail paints should NOT be baked. Once dry, they are durable and resist to a light washing in cold water without soaking, as well as to window cleaner.


Can we eat out of objects decorated with Vitrail ?

No. These paints are intended for decorative purposes. They are not "food safe" or dishwasher safe.


How do I thin Vitrail paints if they seem too thick ?

Add some odourless mineral spirits and stir. Do not add water! These are not water based paints.