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Brights Fans
Filberts Flats
Glazing Rounds
Short Filberts
Winsor & Newton Monarch Synthetic Mongoose Brushes
Real Mongoose hair is no longer available (the mongoose in an endangered species). Winsor & Newton has developed the Monarch Synthetic Mongoose brush that mimics natural mongoose hair in appearance and performance, but last longer. Long-handled for use with oils, acrylics and alkyds. These brushes have a stiffer, springier feel than sable and are superb when it comes to keeping their shape. They are a beautiful brush with gold plated ferrules and long walnut handles.
Brights Fans
Winsor & Newton Monarch - Bright (short flat)
A short flat head for creating sharp edges with control.
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - Fan
For blending, softening edges and creating textures.
Filberts Flats
Winsor & Newton Monarch - Filbert
A flat head with an oval tip for creating a broad mark with a soft edge.
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - Flat (long flat)
A long flat head for blending, glazing or covering large areas.
Glazing Rounds
Winsor & Newton Monarch - Glazing Brush
A wide flat brush with square edges for covering large areas, glazing or varnishing.
Winsor & Newton Monarch - Rounds
For fine detail, lines and glazes.
Short Filberts
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - Short Filbert
Similar to the standard Filbert, these brushes have a shorter, thicker shape for extra colour control.