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Golden HIGH FLOW Acrylics
Golden High Flow Acrylics are an acrylic paint line that can be poured, applied with a brush, Pen nibs, airbrush or even used to refill paint markers. From fine lines to broad strokes, High Flow Acrylic has an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, including staining effects, leveling colors, calligraphy, and mixed media. Golden High Flow Acrylics will replace Golden Airbrush Colors, beginning July 2013, the NEW HIGH FLOW FORMULA offers several improvements over Airbrush Colors, most notably an increase in durability of dry paint and more colors. 49 COLORS, including NEW Iridescent and Fluorescent colors, and more single-pigment colors that match GOLDEN Heavy Body, Fluid, and OPEN color lines.
GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics are professional artist grade acrylic paints. Golden High Flow Acrylic paints may be used whenever a thin paint is required and are compatible with most Golden acrylic paints and mediums.

Thinning Instructions: Avoid thinning with water more than 20% by volume when using in pens and airbrushes, or when doing applications on non-absorbent surfaces. Use Golden Airbrush Transparent Extender for high levels of thinning/extending.

Blends with other GOLDEN Products: NOTE: High Flow Acrylics contain retarders which alter the drying times of a mixture; thicker paint layers may remain tacky for long periods of time. High Flow Acrylics are compatible with most Golden Artist Colors’ paints and mediums. They can be added to Golden Heavy Body Acrylics or Golden Fluid Acrylics to thin the paint without a loss of pigment or film strength. Extend Golden High Flow Acrylics with Golden Airbrush Transparent Extender as needed. Adding high levels of water are acceptable when doing color stains on absorbent surfaces but additional layers of acrylic medium applied afterword may be required for long term durability. Use as colorant/tint: As with any Golden paint, Golden High Flow Acrylics may be used to add color to gels, mediums and pastes. They blend readily with thinner mediums, such as Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid, or Golden Polymer Medium (Gloss).

Golden High Flow Acrylic paints spray very well through airbrushes with minimal clogging. Some pigments are not well suited for use in airbrushes with small nozzles and fine tips, so refer to the reference chart. Due to pigment particle differences, some colors will spray better than others (see table below.) If thinning is required, add small amounts of water into the paint. When a high degree of extending is required, use the GOLDEN Airbrush Transparent Extender.
  • Spray Equipment: The thin viscosity allows for spraying straight out of the container without the need for mediums or modifiers. Smaller airbrushes can be sprayed at 25-50 p.s.i. Larger spray equipment should be sprayed in the lower end of the equipment's recommendations to reduce overspray. HVLP Systems may be used with this paint line, although the nozzle sizes should be smaller, such as 1.4mm to avoid over “atomization” of spray which can result in a rougher, chalky paint surface.
  • Preval sprayers, pump sprayers or other spray equipment not designed for good atomization are likely to produce uneven, slower drying results. Mouth Atomizers are NOT recommended.

  • Masking & Frisket Use: Golden High Flow Acrylic paints have excellent resistance to “pull-up” when removing frisket or tape. When masking, allow underlying paint layers to dry at least 5 minutes or longer depending on paint thickness and drying conditions. Force-drying when masking should be done very cautiously as it can cause the masking films to bubble, warp, or the adhesives to increase their grab to the paint surface. Use hair driers with low air speed and cool temperature settings.

    Some low-tack masking films will not adhere sufficiently to the surface of the Golden High Flow Acrylic paints. Due to the variety of brands and versions, it is important to test the performance of each frisket and tape to reduce the chance of improper adhesion. Low tack films are prone to lifting during spraying, and high tack films and tapes may pull paint up during removal or repositioning.

  • Golden High Flow Acrylic paints Replace the Discontinued GOLDEN Airbrush Colors: The GOLDEN Airbrush Color Paint line is discontinued in December, 2013. The HFAs offer a larger range of color choice, but there are some differences between the two paint lines regarding spraying.

    • 49 colors offered in HFA.
    • No “Opaque” naming convention in the HFAs. There will be “Transparent” colors but in HFA’s the full strength colors of the same name will have the same coverage as their Airbrush Color counterpart.
    • Harder, more durable paint film. HFA’s are less sensitive after dry than Airbrush Colors.
    • Slightly thicker paint formula. Add small amounts of water to thin as needed.

    The Golden High Flow Acrylics are a larger range of color choices compared to the GOLDEN Airbrush Colors paints, but some previous colors are not carried over into the new paint line.

Automotive: Golden High Flow Acrylics can be used for custom automotive painting with proper surface preparation and top-coating. The underlying paint layers and topcoat should be intended for automotive applications. The surface should be clean of finger oils and dust, and scuffed sufficiently to allow for proper adhesion. The acrylic paint layers do not need additional sanding in order for the topcoat to adhere. However, allow enough time for the water, retarders and other additives to leave the film prior to clear-coating.

Wood Staining: The Golden High Flow Acrylics are suitable for staining wood used for fine art and decorative applications. The pigments offer a wide range of color stain possibilities as well as more opaque layers. Review the GOLDEN Application sheet “Woodstaining Objects with GOLDEN Acrylics” for more information on this application.

Fabric/Textile: When blended with GOLDEN GAC 900 or GOLDEN Silkscreen Fabric Gel (heat-settable mediums designed to improve launderability and softness of hand. Start with 1:1 ratios of paint to GAC 900/Silkscreen Fabric Gel, and adjust as needed. Follow the GOLDEN Application Sheet “GOLDEN Acrylics on Fabrics” for further guidance.