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Gamblin Ground for Oils 8 fl. oz.
List Price $21.95
Our Price $13.17
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This non-absorbent ground works like a traditional oil ground, leaving finished paintings brighter since the oil is left in the paint film instead of being absorbed. Two thin layers of Gamblin Ground equal four layers of acrylic gesso. Instead of linseed oil, Gamblin Ground is made with alkyd resin for increased flexibility and quicker dry time. Traditional linseed oil grounds need about six months to dry. Gamblin Ground is ready for paint application in a few days and may be used directly upon panels without sizing.
Gamblin Ground for Oils 16 fl. oz.
List Price $28.95
Our Price $17.37
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16 fl. oz. (pint) size
Gamblin Ground for Oils 32 fl. oz.
List Price: $48.95
Our Price: $29.37
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32 oz. (quart) size
Gamblin PVA Size 32 fluid ounce
List Price $27.95
Our Price $16.77
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Diluted with distilled water, PVA size is a contemporary size for fabric support. PVA seals the fabric but does not re-absorb atmospheric moisture, preventing the size layer from swelling and shrinking. It has a neutral pH and does not yellow, plus it retains its flexibility, does not emit harmful volatiles, and protects fabric from the ground. PVA does not tighten the fabric like rabbit skin glue, so stretch fabric tightly.
Gamblin Rabbit Skin Glue - 1 pound
Gamblin Rabbit Skin Glue - 1 pound
List Price $22.55
Our Price $13.53
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This is the traditional size glue for fabric support. Conservation scientists caution painters that rabbit skin glue absorbs and releases atmospheric moisture leading to the swelling and shrinking of the size layer.
Gamblin Traditional Gesso
List Price: $25.25
Our Price: $15.15
In Stock

Gamblin Traditional Gesso is a dry mixture of rabbit skin glue, gypsum,
marble dust, and titanium dioxide. Robert Gamblin recommends applying
four coats of Traditional Gesso to both sides of thin or poorly braced
panels. Traditional Gesso is mixed with water and applied to panels, but
it is too brittle to use with fabric supports. Paintings on gesso
(either traditional or acrylic) are more matte because of the
high absorbency. In a 1 lb. container.