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  • Art Alternatives Studio Canvas

    Art Alternatives Studio Streched Canvas. The unbleached 5 oz. cotton duck is primed with acid-free acrylic titanium gesso to a finished weight of 10 oz. and stretched around and back-stapled to kiln-dried solid pine stretcher bars. Studio Canvases have a 3/4" deep profile.
  • Masterpiece Monet Pro Canvas

    Masterpiece Monet Pro Canvas features a 1-1/2" profile with a 1/2" lip that keeps the canvas positioned high above the bars to prevent lines and indentations. Folded corners and extra canvas selvage allow for re-stretching, and the clean staple free edges are great for display without a frame.
  • Masterpiece Muir Linen Stretched Canvas

    Masterpiece Muir Premium Linen is double sized and double primed
    by hand. It weighs roughly 12 oz. after priming, and is suitable for
    acrylic, oil or alkyd paint and has a 7/8" deep profile with a 5/16" lip.
  • Masterpiece Vincent Pro Monterey Canvas

    Masterpiece Vincent Pro Monterey Canvas are stretched with 7 oz. cotton canvas (10.5 oz. after priming). Vincent Pro has a 7/8" deep profile with a 5/16" lip.
  • Art Alternatives Gallery Wrap Canvas

    Art Alternatives Gallery Wrap Canvas. The surface is triple-acrylic primed, acid-free, and staple-free on the sides. Gallery Stretched Canvas features a thick 1-1/2" edge. It is suitable for oil and acrylic painting.
  • Fredrix Pro Series Linen Canvas Board

    Fredrix Pro Series 100% Belgian Linen Archival Canvas Board is a professional quality archival painting panel. They are constructed with a rigid hardboard core wrapped in 100% Belgian Linen and primed with acrylic-titanium primer. Good for Oils or Acrylic.
  • Ampersand Aquabord

    Ampersand Aquabord
    Aquabord is a clay coated hardboard panel that gives watercolorists unprecedented freedom and control. Comparable to watercolor paper, this multimedia panel simulates the absorbency and texture of cold pressed watercolor.
  • Ampersand Claybord

    Ampersand Claybord
    Claybord is a quality panel that is coated with a smooth absorbent clay ground. Ideal for acrylics, gouache, Inks and mixed media techniques
  • Ampersand Gessobord

    Ampersand Gessobord
    A smooth painting surface for oil and acrylic media. Less absorbent than Claybord, the thick acrylic gesso ground is sanded to a fine finish.
  • American Easel Cradled Birch Wood Panels

    American Easel Cradled Birch Deep Wood Panels
    These high quality, un-primed cradled birch panels feature 1 5/8 thick sides have a smooth Birch face. They are made in the USA.
  • Art Alternatives Cradled Birch Wood Panels

    Art Alternatives Cradled Birch Wood Panels
    These un-primed cradled birch panels feature a smooth 4mm hand-sanded birch wood surface and a sturdy pine cradle that adds support and allows for hanging without a frame.
  • Fredrix Canvas Panels

    Fredrix Canvas Panels. These painting panels are great for students. The surface texture provides a very definite paint-gripping "tooth" with minimum paint absorption. Good for Oil and Acrylic.
We carry stretched canvas and painting boards suitable for the student or the professional painter. The Art Alternative brand is an imported brand that offers consistent good quality at a very affordable prices. Masterpiece stretched canvas offers what we feel is the best quality control in the industry. When quality and consistency is most important, we highly recommend Masterpiece Canvas.